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Digby Fine English

Digby Fine English is a trophy-winning luxury brand, which produces a range of sparkling wines that have been highly rated by both wine industry specialists and consumers alike.

Award winning Sparkling Wine
100% Annual Sales Growth
50% complete

£305,000 of £610,000
Grub Club

Grub Club is a three way marketplace which curates unique dining experiences with Michelin level chefs in unique venues all over London.

>19,212 Bookings
750+ Venues
Valuation £3m
60% complete

£600,000 of £1,000,000

Mobile telecoms business aiming to empower people with ageing eyes and visual impairments by providing inclusively designed and accessible smartphones, applications and services.

Grants from Qualcomm
Partnership with Samsung
Valuation £4m
75% complete

£600,000 of £800,000

Founder Members

Our trusted Founder Members act as advisors, ambassadors and investors for the club.

About QVentures


QVentures is a co-investment club for the smartest and most experienced investors in the market.

  • QVentures is a members-only investment Club for sophisticated investors, UHNWIs, venture capital firms and family offices able to deploy a minimum of £25k into an individual deal.
  • Our members gain access to investment opportunities alongside top-tier VCs and Super Angels in deals that have been strictly vetted.
  • Members also benefit from being part of a vetted group of like-minded individuals, creating opportunities for non-exec positions and a new source of strategic capital for your own portfolio companies.

Membership of QVentures is capped at 1,000 individuals or corporate entities. If you'd like to be considered for membership apply here.


"When buying shares, ask yourself, would you buy the whole company"

Rene Rivkin

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