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The ExecuteSales platform can radically reduce the time, effort and cost required to identify best fit sales partnerships for companies and sales agents.

First mover advantage
Market size €140bn p.a.
Valuation 4m
68% complete

£340,000 of £500,000

A new to way to discover wines you’ll love through a monthly wine tasting experience delivered to your doorsteps.

Access to >6k wines
25 years' industry experience
Over 1,5k successful deliveries
30.769230769231% complete

£200,000 of £650,000
Astar Pets

A mid-premium online marketplace aiming to provide everything a pet lover needs.

By founder of ACHICA and ASOS
Sales to date £100k
Valuation £3.5 million
23.333333333333% complete

£175,000 of £750,000

Founder Members

Our trusted Founder Members act as advisors, ambassadors and investors for the club.

About QVentures


QVentures is an online platform and club for super angels and professional investors.

  • QVentures is a members-only investment Club for sophisticated investors, UHNWIs, venture capital firms, family offices and angel networks.
  • We offer a select number of curated top tier deals to a vetted community of highly liquid, experienced and engaged individuals. Our model relies heavily upon syndication alongside the strongest investors in the market.
  • In addition to accessing investment opportunities, members also benefit from being part of a vetted group of like-minded entrepreneurs and financiers, creating opportunities for non-exec positions and a new source of strategic capital for your own portfolio companies.

Membership of QVentures is capped at 1,000 individuals or corporate entities. If you'd like to be considered for membership apply here.


"When buying shares, ask yourself, would you buy the whole company"

Rene Rivkin

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Venture Partners

Here are some of the firms we work with in sourcing the most exciting co-investment opportunities.